first things first: hi.

It's sort of a good news/bad news scenario. Change* is absolutely possible and in my experience it happens more often than not. But you've spent 20+ years getting to this point, and I’ll be honest with you: it's unlikely to be a quick fix.

To help you get from where you are now to where you want to be—starting with figuring out exactly where that is—I combine ideas from western psychology, relational psychoanalysis, dreamwork, eastern spirituality (Buddhism, Taoism) and energy work. I specialize in working with smart, creative, successful yet somewhat unconventional people who are willing to ask themselves—and be asked!—meaningful questions and address core identity issues. Overall my work is characterized by my commitment to being present, honest, self-aware and clear... and by my desire to help others make that same commitment to themselves.

*A note on the word "change": Most people don't need to change who they are as much as they need to get better at actually being themselves in the first place. The demands of family / social / vocational life often leave people feeling they need to pretend—even to themselves—to be someone other than who they actually are in order to succeed. I help the people I work with create lives that suit their true selves, and not the other way around.