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Couples' therapy sidebar

I am primarily an individual therapist, but I will occasionally work with a couple if it seems like we'll be a particularly good fit. My focus here is on high-functioning couples of all kinds (read: all lifestyles. And I do mean "all" ...I am very opinionated—openly so—but probably one of the least judgmental people you'll ever meet) who are committed to honesty above all in their relationship, who want to improve their communication, work through a specific issue, or take things up a notch. An important thing to note is that I am not a believer in must-stay-together-no-matter-how-terrible-the-relationship-gets therapy, and so am also open to helping couples realize that they would be better off apart than together.

Extended mega-remix

Sometimes people need the chance to talk something through from every conceivable angle, without exhausting their friends, family and coworkers in the process. My Friday mornings are reserved for one-off intensive (3 hour) sessions intended to help someone at a crossroads work through a specific issue/situation that needs a lot of focused attention. These are not therapy sessions, they are troubleshooting sessions, replete with thinking, strategizing and opining. If life is a pharmacy (just go with me here), and a regime of regular therapy sessions constitutes a daily multivitamin, these are a supercharged one-off booster shot.